LAN Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Wireless and Cable Network Infrastructure

Being a company situated in rural South Africa we have developed cost effective ways and reliable networking solutions for the South African market.

Any business is reliant on high speed connections between PC’s, Laptops, Switches, Routers, PBX’s and Access Points.
If a break in the LAN connection occurs or if the latency is to high data corruption is a high risk that can set a company back thousands of Rand’s.

We select our hardware components and suppliers strictly on quality, support and price. Knowing that cheap is not always inexpensive, but only refers to cheap quality.
We en-devour  to source the best quality at the best price to ensure peace of mind and reliability.

Our networks can integrate cable, fiber and wi-fi connections, depending on the connection requirements.


Quality Wi-Fi Products for home and SME solutions.


Switches scalable for all networking solutions.


Routing and switching
combined with high security.


Quality UTP Cable
Cat 5 / Cat 6
Ensuring reliable network connections