e-Scan is a must have tool. e-Scan is not just software. It is a group of people including Cite Q Computers who partner with businesses and individuals to prevent damage and loss. e-Scan is not only effective to prevent virus infections and identity theft, but also to secure information from leaving your office illegally through CD / DVD and USB devices. This tool also includes other tools minimizing company time and resource miss-use. With the high risks of Malware and Ransome-ware. The possible loss in information and huge sums of money is a reality. You need the right partners to secure your data and intellectual property. e-Scan can also block unwanted use of social media, chat rooms, online gaming, etc. We do supply other virus pro tection products, but have found that E-scan delivers the best and widest protection while not impairing the functionality and speed of the PC or laptop.

We also supply virus and identity theft protection products for tablets and smartphones.

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