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CCTV & Security Solutions
Pepper Spray Security Systems

This product forms part of our pro-active security solutions.
It deters criminals from entering or gaining access to people, property and assets.

Applications include:

  • Home protection
  • WiFi and Cellphone Tower protection
  • Anti-Hijacking Systems

This is the perfect solution for high value properties, farms and sensitive areas and buildings.
Detect and act on a threat before they can do any harm.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) finds a positive application in this solution

  • Detecting the threats
  • Identifying the threat type
  • Notifying you and your choice of reaction unit/s
  • Deploying countermeasures like sound, light, pepper spray
  • Tracking the threat
  • 24 Hour off-Site control room

This service is managed and installed by our partners at SiteGuard.

IP Solutions

We supply and install IP CCTV Cameras with intelligent NVR Management systems. Number plate reading, crowd counting, track object or movement, 2 way communication are all features available on these state of the art solutions. The image quality leaves no room for guesswork as you can clearly see what happened.

Analog Solutions

We supply DIY DVR units, that is perfect for shop surveillance and home use. If you prefer we will do the installation as well.
This is a budget solution with great features, including but not limited to cell phone monitoring, connecting to your alarm system, record on movement, playback and e-mail notification.

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