Standard Bank Email Scam

SAMPLEHere is an example of a fraudulent email, indicating that it was send from Standard Bank. All the contact details on the e-mail is 100% correct, but the link CLICK HERE is a link to the fraudulent link. The following image shows the fraudulent link and the last...

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Email Scams

E-mail SCAMS come in all forms.We will post samples to educate you on what to look forand how to protect yourself. Fear is the number one weapon used by these scamsters, so be wary and ask a trustworthy person to assist in determining the authenticity of the mail...

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Internet Banking Scams

We all hear about scams and to be careful. We are going to look at how does these scams work and how they look. Content in this blog cover the following info: General ways these fraudsters go about ABSA -  Fraud Samples and Best practice Capitec -  Fraud Samples and...

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VUMA Stops installations in Parys

December without fibre internetAlmal is baie opgewonde oor fibre internet wat eindelik ook in Parys beskikbaar gaan wees. Daar was dan ook groot gewag gemaak van "November is ons LIVE." Weens 'n paar tegniese 'kinkels in die kabels' is die proses vertraag gewees. Maar...

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Proxy error when browsing the internet

Please check your proxy settings and try again and again and againThis problem seems to be due to a Windows Update. Telkom have resolved the issues on their side. It seems to be affecting Windows 10 mostly.Windows 10 FixSTEP 1 - Type "Proxy" in searchSTEP 2 - Click on...

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