Cell Phone and 4G Data Boosters

We offer state of the art solutions to boost the signal of your mobile phone or mobile internet.
Our hardware is not network specific, so it does not matter what network you use.
We can boost Vodacom, MTN, Telkom and Cell C signals.

The technology consists of an outdoor antenna, that captures the signal and sends it to the booster unit.
The booster unit amplifies the signal and sends it to an indoor or outdoor antenna that transmits the signal to you phone, 3G/4G modem or other mobile data devices. The indoor signal strength will be determined by the quality of the outdoor signal received and the buildings construction.
Multiple walls, metal reinforcing, multiple stories or stone walls for instance will all result in less distance of coverage.

Our offerings also includes mobile units that can be installed in vehicles.

If we can get 1 Bar signal, chances are great that we will be able to give you reliable phone communication and even DATA.
This all depends on what tower we connect to and what services it transmits.

Reliable phone signal especially on farms are imperative for security reasons.

Coverage maps provided by mobile networks are calculated by algorithms and are therefore not always 100% accurate.
They also show the coverage in open areas and do not take into account building structures and other external influences that might cause interference’s or that may lead to degraded signals.

All cellular service providers will adjust signal strengths and change antenna directions from time to time to better service higher populated areas, which may impact on your services.

This is important to note seeing that the boosters we quote are based on the current information provided by yourself and the networks. It is therefore very important to supply us with as much info as possible.

Although we make every effort of supplying the best solution according to the info acquired , we cannot guarantee the signal boosters effectiveness or performance for any length of time, due to external service providers and factors outside of our control. We do however commit to help resolve issues as far as possible. 

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