Revelation for Windows, Revelation SB, Revelation Lite, Revelation Pro for Dos, Revelation Plus, Revelation and Revelation Junior were developed and written by Glen Pearce.

It was developed over the last 30 years, with the Layman in mind. We believe that a good Business package should be powerful, but simple to use. You will experience Revelation as a Friendly product that does not intimidate. Your Staff will pick up on the many available features very easily, getting your business to be up and running in no time.

We did not compromise on quality and security though. Revelation was able to manage real time processing very early in our development and did not need to fall back on batch accounting. The advantage of the real-time system is twofold. Firstly the figures Revelation produces are accurate to the minute. The second, and more importantly, it does not leave the system open for fraud and abuse. Although many accounting packages have been written with the auditors in mind, we at Revelation believe it is you, the owner of this business that is key. For this reason, Revelation keeps a trail of all the transactions as well as time, date and user stamps on every single transaction. Documents like invoices cannot just be edited. Instead, Credit the Invoice and re-invoice.

Revelation is also a very versatile program with many features available, either as a standard or an add-on Product. This will include a powerful built-in POS system, warehousing, manufacturing; serialised tracking, online banking, a fully integrated Assets Register and many more (See our product range for more information).

We did not forget about the auditors though. Revelation has committed itself in giving each Registered Auditor and Accountant, a Revelation Package. From now on, you need only press a button, in order to securely send your company data to your auditor. They in turn will then process all the journals required and then send the relevant journals back to you in an importable e-mail. Quick and Simple!!!

Support and development has always been the key to a successful partnership at Revelation. From our Small Business Package upward, we now include a mandatory Service Level Agreement with every product sold. This is a very small monthly fee that insures that your staff will always have access to top quality support during office hours. We do NOT charge any additional fees or yearly licensing fees. Unlike our competitors, we do not release a modified version every one or two years that we then charge for, but rather have on-going development that all SLA clients will have free access to via our daily updates button on the Super menu.  This arrangement assures that your company will not incur any unexpected expenses.
Training is also available at any of our Training Centre. Please contact Revelation to locate the closest centre in your area or country.


Download a DEMO to test it's powerful potential.

Revelation is fully compatible with all Windows versions